Bought a Ladybird

A friend of mine invited me and my wife to an RC flight show the other day, and they had a little tent where they sold stuff as well.
Unluckily I had just transfered some money to my card, so I couldn’t resist in buying this rather cute little quad copter.

It’s a Ladybird QR Series V939 and it went at 400 SEK (~$62), but normally it’s around 650 SEK (~$100).

It’s rather difficult to fly at first, and you need to take it very easy and simply go up and down for a while until you get the hang of it.
So far I have been able to fly around pretty well, but turning it around in the air is very difficult, since the up and down acceleration is on the same switch, which makes it harder since it tends to go either up or down then at the same time as you turn it, so that requires some practice.
I have crashed mine at least 50 times now, and it’s still working like a charm, so I’m pretty confident when I say that it can take quite a few hits without any problems.
So although you shouldn’t throw it into walls or drop it from buildings, it’s fine to play around and learn by doing wrong quite a few times.
As long as you turn off the engines when you feel that you are loosing control, it should be fine (since if you don’t, the propellers might get stuck somewhere when/if you crash, and that will damage the engines and the quad wont live for very long).

I made a short demo of when I fly it at home, and although it’s not much, and I don’t want to fly around too much in here, it still shows you how it looks when it moves around, and how it sounds.
As you can see, there are diodes and the propellers have different colors.
This is so that you can see which direction it’s facing.
Blue light and orange propellers means front.

<video removed>

I have tried flying it outside as well, and it does remarkably well there as well, although it can’t handle much wind. But it’s still loads of fun.

The controller has a few buttons, the sticks to control the directions, the upper left button to change the effect of the engines (higher percentage makes it more sensitive), the upper right button makes the quad do a loop, which is not recommended inside (tried it a few times, and you need a lot of altitude to manage it if you don’t want it to crash). Then there’s 4 buttons for trimming the engines, which can be used if the quad is not flying stable enough when idle in the air, and thus you can compensate for lost power in any of the directions (or possibly if it’s windy outside).
And then of course we have the power button.

I would highly recommend this little toy for almost any kind of person.
Since it flies around at pretty high speed and is not “that small”, it can still damage stuff that it hits, so I don’t recommend it as a toy for children, at least not for playing inside the house.

That’s it for now I guess 🙂

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