Bought new laptop

Haven’t written anything in a while now, so I decided it’s time write all those posts that have been piling up lately.
I’ll start with my new laptop.

I got the Asus UX31A, and I have to say that I’m really loving it so far.
It’s really slick and lightweight, and I really like how thin it is.
It doesn’t have any optical unit, nor does it have an Ethernet port.
Although the Ethernet comes as a USB adapter, which is pretty neat.
The screen is very clear and the machine is really fast and well performing overall.

I’ve been having some trouble with the touch pad since the pad and the buttons for it are one and the same,
so I keep moving the mouse pointer whenever I want to click something, which can get pretty frustrating (Especially when I’m sitting in bed and coding).

Isn’t it just beautiful?
2014-01-14 22.39.57

Comes with a really nice little case as well.
2014-01-14 22.39.07

I salvaged some nice stickers from my old work laptop.
2014-01-14 22.39.37

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