Too hot for cracking

A few weeks ago one of the PSUs for my hash cracking rig decided to give up on life.
Luckily I had a few months left on the warranty so I could get it switched for a new one just a week later.
I have decided that I want to make some new wordlists and thus needed the rig to be fully operational again (only 2/4 cards worked when one PSU was gone).

Currently it’s hashing away at a rather okay speed, although using the old unoptimized wordlists that I have.

Session.Name...: oclHashcat
Status.........: Running
Input.Mode.....: File (../dics/full_en.txt)
Hash.Target....: File (testhashes)
Hash.Type......: phpass, MD5(WordPress), MD5(phpBB3), MD5(Joomla)
Time.Started...: Fri Aug 8 18:48:24 2014 (10 hours, 27 mins)
Time.Estimated.: Sun Aug 10 07:37:18 2014 (14 hours, 11 mins)
Speed.GPU.#1...: 2881 H/s
Speed.GPU.#2...: 2869 H/s
Speed.GPU.#3...: 3113 H/s
Speed.GPU.#4...: 2752 H/s
Speed.GPU.#*...: 11614 H/s
Recovered......: 11/15 (6.59%) Digests, 11/167 (6.59%) Salts
Progress.......: 71936802816/164154971801 (43.82%)
Skipped........: 3950772224/71936802816 (5.49%)
Rejected.......: 0/71936802816 (0.00%)
HWMon.GPU.#1...: 90% Util, 71c Temp, 76% Fan
HWMon.GPU.#2...: 89% Util, 70c Temp, 76% Fan
HWMon.GPU.#3...: 88% Util, 74c Temp, 93% Fan
HWMon.GPU.#4...: 90% Util, 72c Temp, 52% Fan

The temperature as you can see is okay right now due an extra fan and an open window.
But the rig has already stopped working once due to high temperatures in the room.
It’s been really hot recently here, even on some of the days when it’s been raining heavily (like today).
Which has made it difficult to run the rig.


I have decided to gather all my wordlists and do the following on them:

* Remove “dirty” ones (some has bad encoding and some are clones of others for some reason)
* Merge smaller lists and categorize the rest in a neatly fashion
* Sort and remove duplicate words (So that every word is unique)

I will make another post soon with a link to two different downloads.
One link will be the categorized and neatly sorted lists, and another link will go to a “super list” with all other lists merged into one large.
The super one will also be cleaned and sorted properly after merging.
I might start releasing my wordlists in different versions since I add new lists once in a while.

More to come.

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