Stranger – Chapter 4 – There’s a snake in my boot

August 8th, 2016

Some of the dates are a bit mixed, but I write them down as they come to mind or as they happen. Most of these are written down in my journal.

I have to consider removing those curtains. They tend to play a big role in my nightly adventures. This time they did not turn into battleship cannons however. This time they turned into snakes. Blue snakes in fact. And they seemed determined to bite me, probably killing me in the process. Naturally stranger is always fast to act. He swiftly dashed out of bed and quickly moved towards the door. My wife woke up and asked what the hell I was up to. Foolish question though, and Stranger paid her no mind as he made his escape. His plan might have been to use her as bait to further increase his chances at escaping the pursuing snakes. I woke up in the hallway. Came to my senses rather quickly actually and decided to visit the toilet as Stranger had gone through all the trouble of bringing us out there. After that I went back to sleep.

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