Oddtale – Writing with strangers

So to take a break in my writing, I decided to start a new project. It was first supposed to be an Easter project, but it turned out to take a lot more time than I first thought. It’s a game called “Oddtale” where anyone can register with their name and email (no password needed, yet) and write a chapter in the current story. Authors are picked at random from the current pool of registered users, and the one who gets picked can write as little or as much (there are limitations, but they are big enough to write an okay chapter) as they want. Each author, except the first one, gets a hint from the previous chapter, to make things a little easier.

One story has ten chapters, and when the current story finishes, it gets automatically published on the site for everyone to view. A few hours later, the next story starts and people can join and write on that one as well. I’m planning more advanced features like private/public writing groups for people who don’t want to wait to get picked in the main one, as well as more advanced writing tools like a wysiwyg editor with the support for bbcode tags. There are more features planned, but these two are the biggest ones that are currently in the works. I wont publish a new version for a while though as I want to see if the main idea with the site in its current state, can draw any attention. The game is pretty pointless if no one wants to play.

The address for the game is: https://oddtale.net/ (REMOVED)

Oh, and we also have a mascot (who you will see a lot more of if the game gets an active player base). The mascot was made by Nicole (Bunnico) on Fiverr.

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