Stranger – Chapter 8 – My face is on fire, and my bottle lids are missing

A few nights ago Stranger suddenly woke up to the fact that our face was on fire. Obviously this requires immediate action. Luckily, I always keep a bottle of water next to my bed (I need to drink a lot during the night due to all the other weird activities Stranger is up to). So acting quickly, stranger removes the lid and pours the water over my face. Of course when you get water on your face, you normally wake up; which I did. Sitting there, quite confused and wet, I realized that sleeping in the now very wet bed would be difficult for the remainder of the night.

Not much sleep was had that night.

As a side note, the lids of my water bottles and medicine bottles, have all gone missing during the same night. This is nothing I can recall from the “Stranger records”, and I haven’t found them yet.

Well, at least we’re not on fire anymore.

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