Playing Dead Space 3 on Linux using Wine

Found a number of reviews online where people got this running with zero issues. I had loads of issues, mostly with Origin not loading properly when installing. Well I recently discovered Lutris, and I absolutely love it. It’s like a successor to PlayOnLinux (A project I now consider dead). Lutris is an open gaming platform that collects all kinds of games that are available for Linux, be it native through wine or an emulator (SNES, PSP .. etc).

The breakthrough I had here was that I could get Origin to install via the installer that comes for it in Lutris.

Step 1: Install Lutris (Current version: 0.4.18)

Step 2: Using Lutris, install Origin. Pick the x64 installer, not the DXVK one. The Wine version used when I installed was staging-3.12-x86_64. Let the installer finish, then login.

Step 3: Install Dead Space 3 via Origin. It will download, then ask you to install it. Nothing will happen for a while, and if you try to turn off Origin, it will tell you that the game is still being installed. Wait for five minutes, then right click the game in Origin, and chose “Repair”. After the game files have been verified, you should go to menu in Origin: “Origin -> Application Settings”. The most important feature to turn off is “More -> Origin in-game”. I turned off everything under all tabs, except for “Install & Games -> Cloud storage -> Saves”.

Complete list of what I disabled:


  • “Show Origin after gameplay”
  • “Automatic game updates”
  • “Automatically update Origin”
  • “Automatically start Origin”
  • “Origin Helper service”


  • “Share hardware info”


  • Everything

More -> Origin in-game

  • Enable Origin In-Game (Misleading, but it means I disabled it)

After doing this, turn on the game through Origin. You need to go to settings and then visual settings in the game. Set the resolution to your preferred one (1920×1080 for me), and disable v-sync.

For good measure you can now turn off the game, and Origin; then start Origin and the game from Lutris to make sure it still works. That’s it. With the above instructions, the game runs smooth and flawlessly for me.



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