Stranger – Chapter 9 – The fire extinguisher is red

For the first time in recorded history, I managed to somehow overthrow Stranger. He went up last night and sat on the bed. For some reason, I could sort of communicate with him. Not talk, or think, or signal in anyway. The best way for me to describe it, is to say that I was half awake, and in control, but Stranger was suggesting things that we should do; and I tried to overcome the sudden urge to let him take over and just do it. Anyway, so he really wanted to check out the balcony, but I convinced him that we should stare at the fire extinguisher in the corner for a few minutes instead; then go back to sleep. So no dangerous adventures this time!

The fire extinguisher is red.

Stranger – Chapter 8 – My face is on fire, and my bottle lids are missing

A few nights ago Stranger suddenly woke up to the fact that our face was on fire. Obviously this requires immediate action. Luckily, I always keep a bottle of water next to my bed (I need to drink a lot during the night due to all the other weird activities Stranger is up to). So acting quickly, stranger removes the lid and pours the water over my face. Of course when you get water on your face, you normally wake up; which I did. Sitting there, quite confused and wet, I realized that sleeping in the now very wet bed would be difficult for the remainder of the night.

Not much sleep was had that night.

As a side note, the lids of my water bottles and medicine bottles, have all gone missing during the same night. This is nothing I can recall from the “Stranger records”, and I haven’t found them yet.

Well, at least we’re not on fire anymore.

Stranger – Chapter 7 – Anything can be a monster with the right type of imagination

So my wife and I have divided chores in our household in certain categories. Some chores she will take care of and do it however she pleases, and some I will. Others we will both take whenever there is time. One chore my wife is responsible for is taking the laundry, this includes folding the clothes. However, when she folds the clothes, she places them on the bed. Then we are both responsible for taking our own folded clothes to where we store them (we currently store them separately for no specific reason, it just became like that). We are both lazy in our own ways, and I’m lazy when it comes to putting away my clothes once they have been folded. Thus, they end up spread out around my side of the bed. Currently, one pile is laying on the air conditioning unit next to my bed, and another one on the windowsill next to my bed.

A few nights ago Stranger was on watch as usual, when he suddenly detected something straight out of a horror movie. Between the folded clothes on the windowsill, were red glowing eyes. There were hundreds of them, and they were staring right at us, ready to attack. This of course required immediate evacuation. Stranger acted without hesitation and grabbed the cover, and then swiftly made his way out on the balcony. Standing out there, I woke up, and Stranger let go of the controls. I knew what had happened, but the feeling of being confused and terribly frightened had me standing out there for a few minutes before I could go back inside. I double checked the clothes so that nothing was hiding under them, and then went back to sleep.

Next to the clothes is a pile of socks I’ve been picking from every morning when I’m about to take my morning shower. Last night Stranger sensed a disturbance in the force coming from the pile of socks. His instincts are as always, 100% correct and the socks had turned into snakes! He quickly leaped into battle against the overwhelming number of foes (I have a lot of socks, and change daily, sometimes twice a day depending on what I do during the day). It was a long and hard battle, but I never doubted Strangers abilities and he obviously managed to take care of the threat.

When I woke up the traces of the battle were still there in plain sight. My first thought was that I might need to call a medic to the scene, but there were clearly no survivors. There were socks spread out literally everywhere in the room (I even had one tucked up in my armpit).

Stranger triumphs, yet again.

Thanks Stranger!


Stranger – Chapter 6 – The embodiment of Stranger

I actually had a dream about Stranger last night (He’s a lot taller than I thought). He was standing in one of the bedroom corners (The one where he saw the tractor before) with a very fancy hat. I think it was a top hat but I didn’t quite pay attention to the details (also it was dark). He told me that bread is numbers and if I don’t move the squirrel gets it. The weird thing about this is that I’m unsure in what language he said it. I remember the dream quite clearly, or rather I wrote it down as soon as I woke up, but for some reason I can’t remember if he said it in English or Swedish.

I might need an exorcism.
Also, I couldn’t find a squirrel anywhere so I think he was lying (Or he’s hiding it somewhere).

Creating a character named Stranger has obviously not been the best idea ever given the consequences. But no use turning back now. We’re having so much fun.

Anyway I got an idea today that might stop me from running around during the nights. I will buy a bell of some sort and attach it to my ankle or wrist. Hopefully it wont make any sound as I lay in bed, and wake me up when I stand up to move. The problem is that if I’m too active my wife might get disturbed by it.

Only one way to find out I guess.

Another thing that has happened a lot recently, is that Stranger believes there’s a spider or some sort of insect under the cover. I don’t usually write about this since it would become basically the same text every time. Even if experience it differently every time it happens. I think there was one incident last night or the night before where Stranger threw my cover down on the floor. He saw something on or under it and tried to save us from it. The floor wasn’t very dirty, but not really clean either. So I guess I have to clean it more often.

Stranger – Chapter 5 – Farmville

Rough night. Stranger went up at least five times to drink water for no apparent reason (I doubt he was thirsty every single time). Then at one point he noticed an evil tractor in one of the bedroom corners with its engine on. So to make it turn off he threw my pillow at it, which I then woke up to find was missing a while later (and had to go fetch). Turns out it was the air conditioner unit, and not an evil tractor. Easy mistake to make in the dark I guess.

Stranger – Chapter 4 – There’s a snake in my boot

August 8th, 2016

Some of the dates are a bit mixed, but I write them down as they come to mind or as they happen. Most of these are written down in my journal.

I have to consider removing those curtains. They tend to play a big role in my nightly adventures. This time they did not turn into battleship cannons however. This time they turned into snakes. Blue snakes in fact. And they seemed determined to bite me, probably killing me in the process. Naturally stranger is always fast to act. He swiftly dashed out of bed and quickly moved towards the door. My wife woke up and asked what the hell I was up to. Foolish question though, and Stranger paid her no mind as he made his escape. His plan might have been to use her as bait to further increase his chances at escaping the pursuing snakes. I woke up in the hallway. Came to my senses rather quickly actually and decided to visit the toilet as Stranger had gone through all the trouble of bringing us out there. After that I went back to sleep.

Stranger – Chapter 3 – El Stockholmo

(This happened in 2016, on the 24th of August, for the record).

Last week I was staying at a hotel in Stockholm because of an assignment at work.
I’ve never had any incidents or adventures during a hotel stay before, and I do stay at hotels quite often when I’m working.

This time was different however. In the middle of the night, Stranger gets out of bed and walks around in the darkness. He notices something odd. I don’t see it, but then again I don’t get close to his legendary observation skills. He notices that in fact, the light in the bathroom, is switched off. Now obviously the only logical conclusion that he could come to here, is that there are burglars inside of the room! I would never have come to that conclusion. But then again, I don’t have the crime solving mind of Stranger. Realising the immense danger of the situation Stranger devised a plan to get rid of the burglars. He goes over to the other side of the room, and opens the window to allow the intruders to leave. He then sits down on the bed until he is sure the room is safe once more (shoo! shoo little burglars! Get out of here!).

Another night, another crisis averted. Well done Stranger!